underfloor heating mat 0.5 x 2.0m

Class II Electrical protection


Flat Ribbon 1.2mm high


Low Temperature Heating

Underfloor Heating Mat 1m2

This underfloor heating mat is popular for small t0 medium sized rooms and very popular for kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites and space fillers. the ribbons are close together so it will produce less cold spots compared to its competitors. The heating element is 150w per 1m2 giving a primary heat when the correct installation method is used.

The underfloor heating mats are manufactured to a high standard and come with a 15 year transferable warranty. Made of amorphous metal the heating elements are more robust than others. The characteristics of this mat means it will heat up to its optimum temperature within 3 minutes. The average time for the heat to transfer a carpet is 5-10 minutes, 10-15 minutes for wood and 15 – 20 minutes through tiles.

Heating Mat Coverage : 1m2
Total Rated Watts: 150w (0.150kW)
Total Rated Amps: 0.66amps
Heating mat depth: 1.2mm
Temperature Range :5 – 28 Degrees
Suitable coverings : Laminate, wood, engineered board, slate, vinyl, tiles
Installation Method : Fixed electrical connection
Electrical Connection Method : Parallel

Ribbon Underfloor Heating Mat 1m x 1m (1m2)

The amorphous metal ribbon underfloor heating mats are perfect for installation in all applications. Fits directly under any floor covering as a primary heating system.

This mat is only 1.8mm in height and each ribbon is 7mm wide spaced 7mm – 12mm apart giving it far more coverage than any other mat within its class. You can simply lay the mat on any of the insulation offered on this site following our installation recommendations and it will keep you warm no matter what the weather is outside.


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