All-007 Wifi Thermostat Controller

The All-007 thermostat was designed with style and elegance at the forefront. It has an easy to use colour screen interface along with wifi capabilities. the ALL-008 can be controlled from an android phone and IOS software will be available soon.
With IP recognition you are able to control one or multiple thermostat controllers giving you full control wherever you are.

The controller is fully programmable as standard but can be set to none programmable with a few presses of the screen.

The All-007 is ideal for any room and has the ability to utilise the following modes : Room Sensing only, Floor Sensing Only or combined Room and Floor Sensing.

Wifi Enabled: Yes
Android Compatible: Yes
IOS Compatible: Coming Soon
Windows Compatible : N/A
Voltage Range: 220-250Vac
Switching Load: 16A (3680w)
Setpoints : 6 / 4 or 0 (0 = manual)
Floor Sensor: Included 3m
Backlight: Yes
Touchscreen: Yes
Temperature Range :5 – 60 Degrees

WIFI Underfloor Heating Thermostat Controller

The All-007 Wifi Thermostat Controller can be set Using an android phone. Easy to use interface controllable from anywhere in the world.


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