Therm-All insulation

Soft  Insulation for Underfloor Heating with Floating Floors.

When Installing the ribbon underfloor heating under carpet, laminate or engineered wood flooring you would use the 6mm therm-all insulation.

The insulation is acoustic and thermal and reduces impact noise by as much as 21db. When installing under laminate or engineered board you can use 2 layers of insulation to further improve the thermal properties of the installation.

Our soft underfloor heating insulation is easy to install, simply roll it out and cut with scissors or a sharp knife.
It can be stuck down at each end using either double sided tape or spray glue.

Roll Coverage : 10m2
Width: 1m
Length: 10m
Depth: 6mm
Material : Cross Linked Polyethylene
Impact Noise Reduction : 21db
Maximum Depth :12mm (2 layers)

Therm-All Insulation 10m2

When installing electric underfloor heating it is very important that a suitable insulation is used. The AHT system works at lower temperatures and can be installed directly under any flooring.

Therm-all is used with the AHT Ribbon Heating system under floating floors such as laminate, engineered board and carpet.

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